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How much of Milwaukee have you seen? How much of Milwaukee have you Dun? Get Milwaukee’s ultimate list and find out for yourself. You may be surprised how much you’re missing.

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Need an idea for a good fish fry? Want to find something to do with your kids? Do you need a new place to explore? Dive into a myriad of lists, which are constantly being updated.

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Swipe right on any list item to cross it off. We’re certain you’ll be surprised at what you have left to accomplish.

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Curious about an item? Tap on it to get more details without leaving the list. Addresses, phone numbers, descriptions, and a link to even more information if you require it.

-Did you like what you did?-

Sometimes you just gotta go back. Tap the star to to remind yourself of what you liked.

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Swipe right over any list for options to delete a list or share your progress on supported social networks.

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